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Nearby Trails

Walking trails from the hotel doorstep, now that's a perk indeed!

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Cranberry Marsh

Cranberry Marsh

3 min drive from Hotel
Distance 6 km
Time approx. 1.5 hours
Elevation 86 m
Difficulty Easy
Accessibility Open year round, popular for cross-country skiing, skating, hiking, and mountain biking
Little Lost Lake Trail photo 2014 84

Little Lost Lake Trail

17 min drive from Hotel
Distance 5.5 km out and back
Time approx. 2 hours
Elevation 270 m
Difficulty Easy
Big Foot Trail looking east WEB

Big Foot Trail Loop

3 min drive from Hotel
Distance 3.64 km (full loop)
Time 1 hour return (full loop)
Elevation minimal
Difficulty Easy
Accessibility Wheelchair and stroller accessible.
Jackman Flats Trail

Jackman Flats Provincial Park

14 min drive from Hotel
Distance Juniper Trail: 3.5 km
Pine Tree Trail: 1.4 km
Lichen Loop: 2.7 km
Time Juniper Trail: 50 minutes
Pine Tree Trail: 20 minutes
Lichen Loop: 36 minutes
Elevation 18-49 m
Difficulty Easy
Overlander Falls Trail

Overlander Falls Trail

27 min drive from Hotel
Distance Short trail: 1 km
Long trail: 4.5 km
Time Short trail: appx. 20 minutes
Long trail appx. 1.5 hours
Elevation 53-156 m
Difficulty Easy/Moderate
Swift Creek Lookout Trail

Swift Creek Look Out

10 min drive from Hotel
Distance 8.5 km
Time approx. 2.5 hours
Elevation 275 m
Difficulty Moderate
Snowbird Pass Trail

Snowbird Pass

30 min drive to Berg Lake Trailhead from Hotel
Distance 24 km out and back
Time approx. 8.5-9 hours
Elevation 1,331 m
Difficulty Hard
Accessibility Dogs are not allowed on this trail. Closed May, June, and possibly July due to caribou calving.
Lily Meadows Horse Creek Bulldog hike trail valemount 18

Lily Meadows Trail

37 min drive from Hotel
Distance Return meadows: 7.2km
Return lake: 8.4 km
Time Meadows return appx. 6-7 hours from trailhead
Lake return appx. 7-8 hours from trailhead
Elevation Meadows: 2530 ft/771 m
Lake: 2625 ft/800 m
Difficulty Hard
Accessibility Not accessible by wheelchair.
The trail access may be inaccessible during winter. Check social media feeds below for current trail status updates.

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